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Ways to Convert Tapes to MP3

In the nineties cassette players were the primary device for listening to music. Since then technology has advanced significantly and many of us now use iPods and Mp3 file formats. Although times have changed many of us still own cassette tapes. A favourite past time for many adults and children was to record mix tapes from the radio. Those mix tapes mostly end up in peoples attics but through new technology people can rediscover their old tape collections. bursa lagu

There are several ways in which people can convert cassette tapes to Mp3 and in this article we will discuss them in some details.

The easiest solution for converting tapes to Mp3 is to buy a specialist converter. There are many of these available on the high street and online. Most solutions comprise of a tape player, a set of wires and some specialist software for your computer. You can typically pick one of these devices up for less than £20. This option is popular because the support materials you need are provided with the product.

If you already have a walkman or boombox lying around then you could put together a custom solution. There are many guides on the internet to help you do this but the most popular solution seems to be using computer audio cables and connecting a walkman to your PC. You will also need some specialist software. Most software is free and many recommend using Audacity. The difficulty here is that you need a good understanding of the sound setup on your PC and where to plug in your cables.

All the solutions available rely on the use of sophisticated software. Some software is better than others and provides more control. A good piece of software will allow you to break down tape recordings into individual tracks. It would be frustrating for many users to have to listen to a whole recording rather than skipping to certain sections. Luckily most of the software these days provides this. They also let you set specific options about recording quality.

You could also use this process to record Mp3’s to CD. The solutions are extremely flexible and the files outputted can be used on most standard Mp3 players. The first option would be best suited to people with little or basic computer knowledge. The setup is much more friendly and there is always someone on hand to answer your questions.


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