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Does Your Health Food Store Have Healthy Food?

Going by the name alone, you would think that every food in a health food store was good health food.

Not exactly. russian chocolate

Health food stores are great places to shop, but like any other food store, you need to be read labels. Not every food you pick up is a good health food. It would be wonderful if it was that simple, but unfortunately, it’s just not.

For instance, one of the foods you might need to reconsider is granola. It has a reputation for being a good health food, mostly because it’s better than the highly processed and heavily sugars seen in the cereal aisles of most food stores. However, granola can still contain a lot of fats, and even sweeteners, depending on the brand, and is usually pretty high calorie.

Granola bars are even more likely to be questionably healthy. There has to be some way to make that granola stick together to form a bar, and that way is usually some form of sweetener. It may be honey, fructose or about any kind of syrup. Pay attention to the amount of sweetener. Just because it is deemed natural doesn’t mean a whole bunch of it is good for you. Some granola bars are little better than candy bars, so be aware of what you’re eating. It’s usually a pretty high calorie treat. Another food that needs a second look is banana chips. Dried slices of banana are one thing, banana chips are another. They’ve usually been fried and sweetened, so like granola bars, they have transformed into something more high calorie and less healthy.

Frozen desserts and dinners are other important items that require label checks. Frozen desserts can have chocolate coatings, and even if labeled organic, you should check out the amount of saturated fat and calorie counts. The frozen dinners, even those labeled vegan, may also be high in saturated fats and calories. Many also have a high sodium content.

Then there’s the candy. Okay, just because it’s made with organic ingredients, and just because it might have carob instead of chocolate, that’s not a free pass to eat as much as you want. No matter how healthy individual ingredients might be, these items are by their nature usually quite sweet and high calorie. Even in good health food, calories still count. Indulge in way too many calories of any kind, and you’re going to end up fat.



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